A professional body-language
workshop in 9 sessions

join the journey of reading and analyzing body-language, how to captivate, intrigue, excite, persuade and create a connection that will open doors in social environments, in the business fields and in every interaction. The workshop will provide you the tools to control your body language and how to improve self-presentation.


Telling a story is not only the “what” I tell, but the How I tell it as well. How to tell a story that will capture our crowd from the very first moment. The workshop will focus on the proper use of body and voice in order to deliver a sharp and accurate message.
suit companies
and organizations

Body language for executives

As executives, every person leaving your office carries a package of messages that you have provided. The workshop will focus on body language as a tool for managers and how communication skills can be refined.
suit companies
and organizations

Body language for organizations

Come and learn how to maximize your expression abilities, read the environment correctly and to get rid of failing behavior patterns in order to improve your communication abilities, team management, presentations in front of clients, sales etc.
suit companies
and organizations

Body language for service providers

At this workshop you will obtain the tools to captivate, persuade sweep your audience. The ways you will not miss potential clients. Read your crowd (the person in front of you) and use correctively your body language in order to build trust, curiosity and a real will (intent) to buy specifically from you.
suit companies
and organizations

Business and pleasure

In business, as on stage, we are required to be versatile, intriguing, surprising, assertive, and attentive. Join this experiential workshop in order to learn how to get the sharpness and confidence you want, how to respond with freedom and flexibility. This workshop is customized specifically for your business, interests and goals.
suit companies
and organizations
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