Let’s dive into the fascinating world
of body language in a 9-session workshop

The body’s language

a workshop for the general public

Come learn how to read and analyze body language, how to captivate, intrigue, excite, persuade and create a connection that will open opportunities in social environments, in the business fields, and in every interaction.
The workshop will focus on increasing the physical and vocal range in order to improve expression abilities, dividing the body into departments / functions. We will investigate each department in the body – the arms, legs, axes of movement, personal spaces, the position of the body in space, the vocal system, etc. Like any other language, it is made up of “letters” that connects into “words” that connect to “sentences” that create a “story”. to simplify – our body is divided into “departments”. Each department is responsible for a different function. each department has its own axes of movement, nature of movement, rhythm, cross-section and so on. for a clear and analyzed picture, one must analyze each department separately, according to the mechanism of each department. then we will connect all the “data” from the different departments together. Every person is a story. A different story. In order to analyze a person’s body language, one must learn the rules of grammar, which ultimately “write” / create / connect into the complex and personal story of each and every one of us.

Who is this workshop
suitable for?

For professionals, Business people, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Managers, Lecturers, etc.

For anyone who wants to learn to control the non-verbal messages that affect the way the environment perceives us.

For anyone interested in improving their expressive abilities.

For anyone interested in changing failing behavior patterns.

What will you get
in the workshop?

Tools for reading and analyzing the body language of those in front.

Tools for changing patterns that stumble me.

Body language tools for improving communication and conflict resolution.

Sounds interesting? The course is available now!

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