Personal accompaniment and guidance for self-presentation and body language improvement

A personal accompaniment to executives

CEOs, consultants, prompters, politicians and Senior executives in the economy

Providing tools for correct usage of body language to maximize our expression abilities and changing the patterns that fails us or holds us back.  I believe in teaching the brain .by working and experiencing with the body.

The construction of the sessions is done very individually – through the personal needs of each one. We will start with the fields that I found and diagnosed as the most important to start with (such as the vocal system, hand gestures, posture, etcetera).

My goal is to provide a wide picture of correct usage in body language (and not a “DO and DON’T DO”) for every individual. That will increase the possibility to continue growing in these territories personally even after the journey that we shared ends. This way we’ll obtain the ability to absorb ourselves through a professional point of view.

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