Getting out of the routine and learning communication skills for the organization's employees, in an original and fun way!

Business and pleasure

Body language workshop for organizations and businesses

In business, as on stage, we are required to be versatile, intriguing, surprising, assertive, and attentive. These are all muscles we need to stretch, to flex and maintain.
Let’s learn, in this experiential workshop, how to respond with the sharpness and confidence you want, freedom and flexibility of thought.
This workshop is customized specifically for your business, interests and goals.

This workshop will provide you practical tools for –

Release from stage fright, and stading in front of audience.

Strengthening self-confidence and controlling the authentic responses in stressful situations.

Increasing attention ability.

Release of inhibitions in communicative interactions.

Improving communication skills through improvisations, simulations and experiential practice.

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