Let’s improve our communication skills
by analyzing body language and using it correctly

Advanced workshop

Body language for organizations and businesses

Imagine living in a country, not knowing the local language. Just about 10 sentences you captured here and there. Would you able to survive? To hang along? As a matter of truth, you would. You would probably have been able to achieve what you want, but you would have to sweat for it. and mostly you would be frustrated that you cannot bring yourself, as you could’ve if you spoke the native’s language.

This comparison is accurate for body language as well. Many of us walk around utilizing 10%, 20%, 50% of the potential of our boy language, of our physical range. We may not be aware, but most of the frustration come from there. That what happens when we do not fulfill our expression abilities.

Let’s learn how to maximize our expression abilities, how to read right the environment and how to break failing behavior patterns. How to improve our communication skills, team management, presentations in front of clients, sells etcetera.

This workshop will provide you practical tools for

Reading the body language of those facing me (hand gestures, legs, diagnosing sitting types, standing and more).

Correct use of our body language, for message accuracy.

Solving relevant conflicts by using body language correctly
(communication keys for conflicted situations with a client / employee / employer).

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