Let’s maximize management skills through body language

Body language for executives

Body language workshop for organizations and businesses

Image and its components have a very big affect on our lives. that Image we carry affects the way we fulfill roles that involve managing people, and affects our communication skills.

Body language is a non-verbal communication form that focuses on the “how”. The affect that body movements, vocal quality, eye gaze, clothing, and the impression they leave have while communicating.

As executives, every person who leaves your office carries a “basket of messages” that you have transmitted. For that person these are also the values ​your organization represents.

Each manager has a responsibility for the messages he transmits. In front of employees, colleagues, customers, etcetera. These messages affect the sense of belonging, the performances in the organization, the experiences in the organization, the loyalty to the organization, the level of connection and commitment to the organization and fulfilment of the organization’s values.

The workshops topics

Improving the manager's image

Body-language tools for "Employer branding"

Staff management skills

Internal organizational communication

Responsibility for employee-organization experience

Negotiating and resolving conflicts

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