Body (h)as a language

Frontal instruction

Come and learn how to captivate your crowd, recognize hidden messages, obtain tools to improve your life’s quality.

Slick Haifa

I would like to put on the table, what I find is one of the biggest absurd of our times. We all want to sell ourselves best. We invest in what to wear, how we look, how to express ourselves, we write resume, list of recommenders… but the first thing we see, our body, that one thing that tells everything, does not get any thought. How would we use it to for our benefits?  How do we mobilize our body to strengthen our messages? Our personal charm? Even tough we all know, it is our presenter in the world. Unlike words, which you can choose whether to talk or not, our body talks all the time. If we will use it wrong, it will mostly show what we try to hide.

In the lecture “body (h)as a language”, which combines acting and audience interaction, we will playfully and sensitively reveal practical tools for reading body language and how to use our body. These tools will serve you while on business meetings, presentations in front of clients, sells, providing service, managing a team, organization communication and better employer-employee communication.

How, using a correct use of body language, we can improve our communication skills, achieve our goals and make a meaningful change both on personal and professional level. Our connection with the environment, at home and at work, impact our lives and almost 90% of the messages we send are not verbal, its our body that talks. A lot of times we want to send a message but something completely different comes across. How can we work on it? How do we make our bodies to transmit what we are actually saying?

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