the art
of body

Leverage our body language to
improve performances,
enhance influence
and strengthen interactions

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Learn how to master online job interviews


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Learn how to master online job interviews


An Israeli theater, Television and Cinema actress. “Yoram Loewenstein” performing art studio graduate. I have acted in many TV shows, such as: “Dead for a moment” on American sci-fi channel dust ice, “The good cop” on NETFLIX, “Mamas angel” on AMAZON, “Not in front of the children”, “Maybe this time”, “Settled”, “My ex-list”, “Greenhouse academy”, and more.
I could not believe that after a glimpse on my foot, and by reading my body language my entire life will change.
By the age of 30 I have discovered the identity of my biological father, which is himself a body language PHD. Dr. Kobi Assaf have studied and researched the subject for 3 whole decades in Israel and abroad, published 3 books regarding the subject (interpret the message, contactnication, bridges to communicate).

Body language
in an on-line era

An online zoom lecture

The ability to evolve and shine
in a new a media is strength.
Learn how to do it right.

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A personal guidance for Managers
CEOs, consultants, promoters, politicians and Senior executives in the economy



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